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Termite damage

I’ve had a lot of experience with repairing termite damage . It has usually been a result of poorly primed and painted wood on windows, doors, fascia, eves and thresholds. Here are a few before and after pictures from termite damage on windows that I’ve repaired in the Los Angeles area.

This is one of the window sashes that I repaired prior to the repair. If you zoom in on the picture, you can get an idea of just how bad the termite damage is. They nearly ate entirely through the cross member of the frame. This next picture is how the frame looked after I was done filling the affected areas with Bondo and then sanding and priming. Please keep in mind that this isn’t even my best work. I’ve done many of these jobs where you can’t even tell it was repaired at all and this includes intricate moldings, where I’ve had to make custom sanding blocks to conform the Bondo to the existing contours.Repaired widown sash from termite damage

Here is another window that I worked on in the Venice area that had pretty bad termite damage

 Termite damaged window sill

And here is how the sill looked after I was done. You can see that it’s the same window by noticing the gate down below that was at the back of the house I was working on.

repaired window sill from termite damage