About Me

I started my business back in the summer of 94’. At the time, I was working for the Los Angeles Country Club in their engineering dept. and doing handyman work on the side. I soon shifted from doing handyman work on the side to doing it full time. I would say that the one thing that sets me apart from other handyman is my integrity and my attention to detail. Over the years that I’ve been in business, I’ve probably given away thousands of dollars in potential profit, due to my honesty about what my client actually needed versus what other repairmen were telling them they needed. For example, one of my clients called me up because his hot water heater wasn’t working. He had a plumber come by and look at it and told him that he needed a new hot water heater and that it was going to cost him $1000.00. I looked at it and determined that it was nothing more than a faulty thermo coupling and replaced it for $80.00 labor and $15.00 for the part for a total savings for my client of about $900.00. This happens with my clients all the time, where they get dishonest workmen giving them outrageous quotes for simple fixes. I’m not out there to make a huge profit for a one time job, I’d rather give my client an honest assessment of what they actually need and give them a few options to go with. I leave it to them to make their own decision without pressuring them or using scare tactics to secure a sale. I would also like to say that I’m very reliable and I show up on the day that I schedule with my client and usually within the time window that I’ve agreed upon with my client. I know of so many contractors out there that don’t show up at all or if they do, they come hours later than what they originally said. This brings me to my next point.

If I feel that I am not qualified to do the job that you are asking me to do, I’m not going to try to convince you that I know what I’m doing and to take on the job. I would rather refer the job to another contractor that specializes in that field of work and have the job done properly, than to take on the work and mess up your house. Now, as for referring other contractors, I keep a business card file with me at all times with reputable contractors that are top in their fields of work. If for some reason they flake or give any of my clients an unreasonable quote or other issues, I immediately pull them from my file and discard them. It’s a bad reflection on me when I give a referral to someone and they don’t show up or treat my client in a disrespectful fashion.

I have excellent references and have worked with such realtors as Remax, Coldwell Banker, Pardee Properties just to name a few


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